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Cacimba Gin - Original 200ml

Cacimba Gin - Original 200ml

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About the Gin

Cacimba is very rich in botanicals from the Serra de Sintra. We use about 12 to make it. The most important ones are the Reineta apple, from Colares, eucalyptus and bay.

Perfect serve

It goes perfectly with some orange peel zest and an eucalyptus leaf as it brings up the freshness and flavour from Sintra.

The intense and elegant aroma of eucalyptus and bay brings the aroma of the Sintra mountain range and also its citrus scent with a predominance of orange peel.


Quantity: 20cl
Volume: 40%


Produced and bottled by:
Gonçalo Fonseca Xavier and José Maria Ribeiro Corrêa


Maça Reineta



Casca de laranja

Casca de limão

+ Ingredientes secretos

Perfect Serve

Our Gin goes perfectly with some orange peel zest and an eucalyptus leaf, as it brings up the freshness and flavours of the mountain.


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O nome da marca surgiu muito naturalmente.
Sintra é muito conhecida pelo seu clima especial,
com dias de nevoeiro intensos em grande parte do ano.

Coincidência ou destino, no dia em que começámos a produzir este gin, estava nevoeiro de tal maneira intenso que criou uma chuva miudinha.

A este fenómeno dá-se o nome de Cacimba.

The first Gin from Sintra

Serra de Sintra is also known for its botanical wealth.

Its incredible vegetation allows us to collect what we need to make our gin directly from the origin, like bay and eucalyptus leaves among others and also the Reineta Apple, a typical fruit of the region, which is essential to make our Cacimba.

Our Cacimba Gin is a "London Dry Gin". It's distilled in copper still and all its flavours come from the passage of alcohol steam through the twelve botanicals that characterize it.