"Cacimba". Why?

For those who know Serra de Sintra in all its extension to the sea, the name "Cacimba" needs no explanation.

Sintra is a place like no other where, besides its Palaces and beautiful gardens, there is a unique microclimate.

The permanent Northwest winds bring the humidity against the Serra de Sintra and create particular cloud conditions like fog and that drizzling rain we call “Cacimba”.

The idea of making the first Sintra gin was born on one of those days.


Our Gin

Serra de Sintra is also known for its botanical wealth.

Its incredible vegetation allows us to collect what we need to make our gin directly from the origin, like bay and eucalyptus leaves among others and also the Reineta Apple, a typical fruit of the region, which is essential to make our Cacimba.

Our Cacimba Gin is a "London Dry Gin". It's distilled in copper still and all its flavours come from the passage of alcohol steam through the 12 botanicals that characterize it.


Our Gins

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About us

Gonçalo Fonseca Xavier and José Ribeiro Corrêa.

We met when we both started working in a wine farm in Colares, Sintra.

We both shared the same ideas and ambitions and we soon understood how incredible our region is. So, we decided to make something completely new and unique: our Gin!